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The Spade Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The Spade Polycarbonate Greenhouse

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Polycarbonate Thickness

A modern style sturdy greenhouse available in a range of sizes

Standard features include: -

  • 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate, UV protected and long lasting
  • Width 2.6m, Length 2m to 12m,
  • Door Size 1m x 2m
  • Front and Rear door vents
  • 1 x Automated Roof Vent every 2m
  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Maintenance free materials
  • Steel Base Included
  • M5 Bolts
  • Assembly instructions with all fittings included
  • Shelves can be ordered separately
  • Ventilation Windows are not standard but can be ordered separately
  • Frame anchors are supplied for each frame end, 'T' shaped and 30cm long

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