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The Kingsley Elite Garden Room

The Kingsley Elite Garden Room

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The Kingsley Elite Garden Room

A delightful and charming building the Kingsley has a graceful elegance that lends itself to any garden whether traditional or modern. The addition of a cedar shingle or cedar clad roof makes the building even more appealing. The Kingsley would be ideal as a focal point in any garden due to its shape. Georgian style doors and windows will make this octagonal-shaped garden room look impressive in small and larger gardens.

The basic price (as displayed) is for the roof walls and floor including delivery and installation, the windows and doors are optional so you can have as many or as few as required and have them fitted in almost any configuration as required but these along with other optional extras must be added to the price. 

This is a configurable product with many options and variations, orders cannot be processed online so please call to discuss options

Please check the prices in the image section for a full breakdown of all sizes and options

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