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Deep Root Planter 1.8M

Deep Root Planter 1.8M

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The Deep Root Planter 1.8m makes growing deep-rooted vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes, incredibly easy. With a bed depth of 380mm*, the planter can hold up to 500 litres of compost* ready for your desired crops. Raised off the ground, the planter minimises the need for bending, whilst protecting your crops from unwanted pests. Easy to move around the garden (whilst empty of soil) so can be transferred to any spot in your garden.

Also available in a smaller 1m Deep Root Planter size.


  • 370 litres of compost (approx)
  • 380mm bed depth (approx)
  • High quality, pressure treated wood
  • Sustainable wood from responsibly managed forests

Free Delivery for mainland England for areas outside this there may be a surcharge please ask before placing your order

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